A confiscation of colossal sums of unaccounted cash by surveillance teams on the direction of Election Commission in the poll-bound five states especially Punjab and Uttar Pradesh has exposed the loopholes in the electoral system.  Authorities have recovered more than Rs 21 crore of undisclosed money in Punjab, Uttarkhand and Uttar Pradesh so far. Law enforcement agencies and I-T departments have ramped up their operations to fish out undisclosed money meant for rigging the polls. The incident of cash seizure has undoubtedly dented the contour of electoral proceedings and underlined the malafide intentions of candidates who try to win elections by dint of money and muscle. They not only stretch out the limit of electoral expense but also dole out huge money among voters to get their favours to be neta. There are umpteenth incidents in past where polls have been manipulated fraudulently by flexing muscles and pouring money. It is certain that such malpractices would not be put to check, despite closer monitoring of the Election Commission. This is nothing but only a sweeping defeat of democracy before money power.

The cash which is splurged during the elections is blackmoney, but political leaders are not keen on taking initiative to close the fountainhead of unaccounted money. It is profound irony that the politics which guides the nation is being swayed by blackmoney. On the hand, netas talk high on removing corruption and cleansing political system, on the other they are involved in graft and malpractices. This is the reason the electoral reform has been stonewalled for two decades. The political parties have no qualm of giving membership to those whose images are tainted with criminal backgrounds. T N Seshan had earned accolades for cleaning the electoral system by imposing stringent rules and regulations. It is high time for bringing about electoral reform and all political parties should take decisive steps in this regard. The ruling party and the Opposition should huddle together and evolve mechanism to give impetus to electoral reform.