"It is very unfortunate that in the temple of democracy - the Parliament, politics is being preferred over national interests and development. Some parties seems to be determined to prevent the country's farmers from participating in and benefiting from the process of development," Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said.

Claiming that the NDA-led government has acted in the most democratic manner and in the true spirit of cooperative federalism on the issue of land ordinance, he said that the bill was brought with a view to place the "keys of development" in the hands of the states.

"The suggestions of almost all the states conveyed in the meeting in June last year formed the bedrock of land ordinance. Congress chief ministers were in the forefront of seeking modifications to the Land Act of 2013. We talked to almost all the parties to explain our point of view as well as that of the states and also to understand the concerns of those who have been opposing land ordinance," Naidu further said.

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"Some of our allies have sought some clarification on some provisions and the same were explained to them. The government has come forward with several official amendments to address the concerns voiced by some parties though we stand by our convictions," Naidu said.

Expressing happiness over the passage of the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill, 2015 in Lok Sabha, the minister said it reflected the will of the farmers and the people of the country.

"Saying one thing in one House and another in the other is a clear sign of politics getting priority over development. That is what we see happening these days," he said.     

Justifying the Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2015, he said that it seeks to allocate non-coal minerals based on open bidding.

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"What is the justification for creating obstacles in this regard in the Rajya Sabha? The Prime Minister and the government along with the people of the country are seriously concerned about the ongoing politicisation of national and developmental issues," Naidu said.

His comments came in the backdrop of the government bowing to the Opposition's demand for sending the Mines and Minerals bill to a Select Committee after hours of battle of wits between rival sides in the Rajya Sabha.

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