In a Chief Ministers’ conference on internal security, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh touched upon myriad facet of the country’s intriguing security issue, stressing on left-wing extremism, cross-border terrorism and religious fundamentalism and ethnic violence. The blame game between the Centre and states has mired the very purpose of the meet on security, the country is vulnerable to terrorism till now. It is disappointing that the Central government too showed its political short-sightedness in line with states on such a serious issue. If the Centre plays politics on it, the system of internal security will go haywire as there will be a crisis of leadership which can guide the states on this very issue. If the ruling government shirks its responsibility and play brinkmanship, states will also join the same bandwagon, which could make avenue for external and internal terror to unleash havoc in the country. The Prime Minister and Home Minister emphasized on Hindu extremists in a manner that suggests the Hindu outfits could pose a serious menace for the security in days to come. It cannot be denied that the Hindu outfits are linked with Malegaon, Ajmer and Mecca Masjid bomb blasts, but wouldn’t it have been better had the government waited for the final verdict of the court before highlighting it in a bigger way, as these issues are subjudiced? It is bid to reap political dividend on raising the issue of Hindu radical with Naxalism in the Chief Ministers’ conference.

Undoubtedly, the tainted Hindu extremists should be dealt with earnestly and culprits must be sent to gallows, but the same cudgel should be raised against other organizations too on which the allegations of involving in terror activists are already proved. It is sort of ignoring threat posing factor on the security, if there is a bid for political gain on such grave matter. For a decade the Central government has been stating that the Naxalism is a bigger threat for the internal security, but now it says that red terror comes under states’ jurisdiction. The state governments seem to be lax on taking requisite steps to tackle the terrors. It is irony that the government is reluctant on the implementation of the Supreme Court’s directive to improve the policing system. The way blame game between the Centre and states taken place in this meeting, suggests that our ministers and mandarins are clueless how to handle the terrorism, be it external or internal, which will have wide ramification on our security system.