In view of assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Uttarakhand drifting closer, the vote bank politics has started getting momentum, as all parties are trying to afirm their hold strongly by showering goodies to woo voters. After UP Chief Minister batted for Muslim reservation, the Central government has also begun blowing the same paean. It is quite irony that Indian Constitution does allow reservation on the basis of secularism and sect, however our leaders are hell-bent to pitchfork for quota system in order to appease voters. Those who advocate for Muslim reservation need to explain why this community has still hooked with lower rung of socio-economic ladder of the development. Remarkably, the Congress-led UPA government is in power for the last seven years while Myawati is ruling the roost in UP for the last four-and-half years. Recently, Muslim leaders pointed out shortcomings in various projects sponsored by the government for welfare of the community, which spells out that the ruling dispensation has not taken a serious note of plans for their upliftment. It cannot be ruled out that the government does not seem serious about finding the requisite reasons of Muslim’s retrogression and take concrete steps to ameliorate them.

The strong reason for the backwardness of Muslim is lack of efficient leadership. There are some Muslim leaders who take interests just only for gaining their political heft. It is true that Muslims are under the grip of hardships and backwardness, but it does not mean to put them outside the mainstream. Muslims should not be fettered with any class or category. Those who are doing trivial politics must think that this community has ruled the country for long, but they are still pegged at the lower curst of the society. Undoubtedly, the government should mull, whether people enjoying quota system have really been benefitted. It is the need of hour that there should be some amendments in reservation system so that people who are socio-economically marginalized, irrespective of their caste and creed, could be able take their pie and joint the mainstream.