Indian politics has now recently rediscovered the strength of fast. But when political leaders stage a fast their vested interests become very obvious. Hitherto, leaders have resorted to this practice, but the way Modi is doing it, for the first time it has attained the proportion of a national function. One should not question Narendra Modi’s fast, because he has full right to convey his thoughts to people with a political aim, but it is rather difficult to comprehend why did he feel the need to organize such a massive function for it? The way fast has been organized extensively with lavish display and propaganda it has given an impression of a national convention or a rally of a political party. Had it been held silently, it would have not only added to the sanctity of fast but also saved it from criticism. If the message is being conveyed to the nation through this fast that Modi is striving to extend his political persona, common people cannot be blamed as he embarked upon this exercise immediately after the respite he got from the Supreme Court verdict in Gujarat riots. If we look at Modi’s view, he began the three-day fast under ‘Sadbhavna Mission’ to strengthen the spirit of unity and harmony in the nation, however it is beyond comprehension why all of a sudden he needed this exercise for spreading the message of harmony? In fact, his fast has given rise to several questions.

Modi announced to hold fast immediately after he got a breather from the Supreme Court in the Gujarat riots case and on the very day of his fast his statement that Gujarat would never come down on the standards of humanity, has given ample opportunity to his opponents to launch an attack on him. At the onset of this fast the debate has begun over justice still alluding to the victims of Gujarat riots. Different political parties have a novel weapon in their armour to attack Modi, but his opponents have nothing new to say while launching scathing remarks on him. The reactions of opposition parties have once again proved that they only believe in waging a canard campaign and if given the opportunity they would don the mantle of a Judge and pronounce sentence against Modi. However, this political campaign would strengthen the stature of Modi. It is surprising on part of the Congress which is opposing Modi’s fast and allowing its leaders to hold a similar fast in counter. If Modi, through his fast, is enacting a political drama, the leaders of the Congress party from the state are also resorting to a bigger show of this dramaturgy. How could the Congress or any other political party stop anybody from holding fast for a cause? Had there been no hullabulla over Modi’s fast, it would not have been a matter of debate. It is difficult to say how far Modi would be successful in conveying the message of harmony through this exercise, undoubtedly the hue and cry created by his opponents would benefit him with a political mileage.