The tug-of-war between political parties to choose the Presidential candidate has only brought embarrassment to Indian politics. Never has the Presidential polls been so complicated. The manner in which the Trinamool Congress (TMC)and the Samajwadi Party (SP) rejected UPA’S choice and put forward three different names for the presidential elections brought a lot of embarrassment to the Centre. The name of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh suggested by the TMC and the SP came as a big surprise to many. Whatever may be the objective behind the move but this has certainly dented the Prime Minister’s image. This indicates that the Prime Minister is no more capable of handling the position. There are several reasons that Mamata is miffed by the Prime Minister but for the SP to suggest Manmohan Singh’s name is very surprising. It becomes rather more intriguing as the Samajwadi Party leaders were invited by the Congress chairperson on the completion of three years of UPA II in office. It is not to be forgotten that the Congress did not field its candidate against Dimple Yadav in Kannauj indicating that relations between the Congress and the SP have improved. But the recent incidents have a different story to tell.

Mulayam Singh Yadav who was being seen as an alternative to Mamata Banerjee by the UPA has stood against them. Once rejected by the SP APJ Abdul Kalam has suddenly become the fovoured candidate of the party. Though there is still some time to file the Presidential nominations this does not give the political parties to do whatever they wish. On one hand it is said that a non political person should be made the President but on the other, hectic political negotiations are being made to choose the candidate of one’s choice. Though differences always existed over the Presidential candidature in the past also but the recent incidents have broken all barriers. The Congress led UPA has a tough challenge ahead of it as it has to make sure that its candidate wins the Prez polls and thereby safeguard its image. Whether it is successful in doing so or not is being eagerly anticipated.