The political parties can go to any extent for vote bank; besides tinkering with the constitution they can even break the social structure, the appalling and dangerous example of the same is giving sub-quota to the minorities. The basic purpose of the decision is not the welfare of minorities but to get en-masse votes of Muslim community in the coming assembly polls. This is the reason that prior to elections in the five states, announcement is made to grant 4.5 percent sub-quota for minorities in the 27 percent reservations for the Other Backward Classes. Despite knowing the fact that the constitution does not allow it, the religion-based reservation was attached with the Lokpal merely a few hours back prior to making this announcement. This is the apex of minoritism, and when the questions over it were raised then it was stated whether any proposal is constitution friendly or not is none of our business to decide. Possibly, under this impression only the announcement of minority reservation was made. This is perhaps the first government in the world which is taking anti-constitutional decision despite knowing that Judiciary may reject it. If the government wants to remain unaware of the fact that a constitution bench of the Supreme Court is already reviewing a similar decision taken by the Andhra Pradesh government, it obviously puts forth that the Centre has lost reason while thinking of vote bank.

Prior to the Supreme Court’s review of quota for minorities or Muslim reservation, the Election Commission will also need to give attention to it. Just before the assembly polls, granting religion-based reservation is a political misconduct nothing else. The Election Commission keeping a tab on the behaviour of political parties should not remain silent on the government decision, and that too when this religion-based reservation is going to be effective after a week. This is really unfortunate when the nation was being liberated from the impact of the politics of religious appeasement the Congress has once again chosen to tread on that path. Although the Congress is leading the Central regime, it cannot be allowed to go beyond constitution. Is it the same Congress whose leaders till yesterday were claiming that theirs is the only party which is above caste and religion? To save it from all-round criticism because of its inefficiency, the Central government’s decision to toe such a path will lead the nation towards catastrophe. The country cannot and should not accept it being drifted towards division. This is actually the Centre’s brazen show of deception with the nation and society to rule over the states by proving that the status of minority communities is similar to the OBCs. There is no difference of opinion that efforts should be made for improvement of the backward segments of the minority communities, but it does not mean that they should be defined in a new fashion and while doing that neither the constitution nor the social structure should be taken into consideration.