New Delhi: While looking at the sky, Poltu says that big and rich people travel in planes and thinks that one day he will become an ambassador. Well, that dream has not been fulfilled of that little boy, but he became the External Affairs Minister and in that capacity appointed many ambassadors.” And now he is being nominated for the first citizen of the country. The whole nation knows him as Pranab Mukherjee but for his dear ones he still remembered as Poltu.

Pranab Mukherjee got his initial education from a primary school in his village but from class-II, he started disliking the school and he started pressurizing his parents to get him admitted to Kirnahar Shib Chandra Boys School. Kirnahar School’s Principal had said to Poltu that if he will give the correct answers to the questions asked then he will get direct admission to class-V. Actually, studies of the school were started from class-V. Pranab Da carries a lot of dreams to study in a good school, he gave all the answers correct and got admitted in the school.

While remembering Poltu’s childhood days, Pranab Mukherjee’s sister Annapurna Mukherjee says that she was aware that his brother one day will become something but never imagined that he will touch the sky while sitting on the ground.

Pranab Da may have become a popular politician but he still asks sister Annpurna to remove the thorn from the fish which is his favourite dish.

Pranab Mukherjee’s documents are still carefully kept in the school. He himself had prepared one of the school buildings on his own expenditure. He christened buildings name over his late father, Kamada Kinkar Mukhopadhyay  name.

When Pranab’s villagers got to know that he is the desirable candidate for the presidential post and his chances are very bright they have started offering prayers to Lord Shiva on daily basis.

The Shiva temple was renovated by Pranab Da. The villagers have high hopes that their son will show a path to the country and this will not be any lesser achievement for them.


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