Jaipur: As a reflection of state's poor jail facilities the prisoners are stacked up in states' jails like sardins, The number of deaths of jail inmates due to lack of medical services has reached alarming levels.

If the death figures in Rajasthan jails in 2009 and 2010 are taken into account, one prisoner dies every fourth day as the inmates are devoid of proper medical benefits.

According to the data of states’ jail, 180 such prisoners have died in the intervening period. The list includes deaths registered in Jodhpur and Jaipur Central Jails which is touted as the safest jails in country.

Ironically, the Jaipur Central Jail accounted for the maximum number of deaths. Fifty inmates died in the Central Jail.

In Kolkata Central Jail, 29 prisoners have lost their lives. While 26 inmates died in Udaipur Central Jail, 19 prisoners died because of illness and some other reasons in Bikaner Central Jail.

The scenario is not much different in Jodhpur Central Jail which is considered the second safest jail in the country. Fifteen prisoners died in the jail for want of proper medical attention.

As per the records,the maximum prisoners in jails died from Tuberculosis.