Los Angeles: Pop diva Britney Spears says she is inspired by the younger generation of artists such as Jessie J and Adele.

The 'Toxic' singer made a comeback earlier this year with her 'Femme Fatale' album, and is glad to have competition from new young artists, who push her to make her songs and live shows better, reported a magazine.

"It's really cool because there are so many new, up-and-coming artists to look at and be inspired by. For me, I think it's great to have a little competition because I feel it inspires and makes me want to do better. There are so many soulful singers, even the ones coming from London, like Adele and Jessie J, who are just amazing. It feels like a really cool time to be making music now," Spears said.

The 29-year-old, who rose to fame in 1998 aged 16 with her track 'Baby One More Time', also said she has grown in her career and now feels comfortable with her position in the music business.

"I think as the years have gone by, and as I've evolved as an artist, I've put even more into my career, and after that amount of time you start to know exactly what you want.

You feel a little bit more in your skin, in terms of who you are. And that just feels really nice."