Mumbai: It’s no secret that Shilpa Shetty is one of the most popular Indian celebrities in Britain. No wonder then that UK-based musician Katy Perry, who is in India to perform at the IPL, has insisted that she meets the lady who took her entire country by storm during the Big Brother reality show, a few years ago.
Says a source, “Katy has not met Shilpa ever and she has expressed a desire to catch up with her. She heard and read about Shilpa when she won Big Brother, but has never had a chance to catch up with her. She personally requested that she meets her and spends some time with her.”

And since Shilpa’s expecting her first child, Katy apparently wants to personally congratulate her. “Shilpa may not be able to fly down for the ceremony, so they are trying to figure out if there is time to bring the musician to Mumbai so she can meet Shilpa.”

The to-be mum is obviously excited to meet the 27-year-old musician. Says Shilpa, “It came as quite a surprise to me...Katy is a global music icon and I’m flattered that she has requested to see me. I look forward to meeting her when she visits the country.”

This would be Katy’s first performance in India and she hasn’t stopped talking about it ever since she landed in Chennai yesterday.She was quoted on a social networking site, writing on Tuesday, “Almost fell asleep in my curry last night, no joke... Woke up feeling so much better after a fresh meditate... feels appropriate being in India.” We also hear that the celebrities associated with IPL are planning a lavish party to welcome Katy and make her feel at home.