London: Pop diva Lady Gaga may have been tagged the most powerful celebrity in the world, but the ‘Poker Face’ hit maker admits being very shy and lacking confidence.

The 25-year-old singer, who left behind TV mogul Oprah Winfrey to clinch the top position, says she is introvert and insecure in her real life, reported a magazine.

"People think I'm really confident but actually I'm quite shy and insecure. I never want to talk to anyone at the big celebrity functions because I don't know anyone and I'm shy and get awkward.

"I like my real friends around me so that's why wearing the meat dress was so great because it stunk and no one wanted to talk to me," said Gaga.

The pop star said that she finds mingling with animals and birds easier than with people.

"I did a shoot recently with real little doves and put them down my cleavage. They loved it down there. They just sat looking around," added Gaga.

The pop diva, who recently launched her new single 'Hair', said she found inspiration for the song from her wigs which are a part of her identity.

"As you can imagine, I was very frustrated. So for me my wigs are everything. It gives me the ability to transform as much as I can all the time. I fall asleep in my wigs and make-up all the time as well. I'm a true beauty queen disaster," added Gaga.