Mumbai: It's not so easy to be a superstar. Constant scrutiny, rumours, and back-bitting becomes a part of their everyday life. And then of course, there's the god-like fan following that never leaves them alone for a while. In spite of all this, Bollywood's top actors, Kareena Kapoor and Salman Khan, have their heads straight on.

In a candid chta with interview with Mid-day, "Though Salman is at his height of popularity, he's a very unaffected guy. He never throws any attitude and has no airs of being a superstar. Many people who come across him and me realise that both of us have much in common. We never let what others say or think about us affect us."

Not just that, Bebo even revealed that Sallu is one of the most easiest actors to work with. "I've known him since I was nine years old. So, we have a comfort level that makes working, eating, talking together a breeze. His super stardom is insane, but he's been absolutely the same,"  Bebo signs off.