Washington: A large number of pornographic videos have been found among the huge cache of materials seized from the Abbottabad hideout of slain al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

Officials from the CIA-led Inter-Agency Task Force, who are going through the stream of information found from Laden's compound, said it was not clear yet who used to watch the videos.

A US official said the pornographic material was found in a wooden box in bin Laden's bedroom and included electronically recorded videos, according to media reports.

Bin laden had no access to internet and telephone. In another video made public by the US government, Laden is seen watching himself on television, indicating that those living inside the compound could play back videos.

Obama on Osama hit-list
Meanwhile, another cache of material obtained from Osama’s hideout suggested that US President Barack Obama was apparently on his hit-list.

There are references to the US President in the impounded files, although there is no direct mention of Obama in these materials scanned so far by a CIA-led inter-agency Task Force, a channel reported.

According to a US intelligence official, Laden wanted to kill Obama as part of a plot to disrupt the 2012 presidential elections.

Bin Laden was killed by the US Navy SEALs on May 2 at a house in Pakistan's garrison town of Abbottabad.