Bihar: Chief Minister Nitish Kumar while addressing a seminar said that the challenges of internal security could be sorted out with the help of justice and development. He said, “Today it is a must that the government machinery should be made unbiased and answerable to public. Lack of justice and development creates dissatisfaction among the people. This is the reason why Maoism is growing in the state.”

Pointing towards the effort made by the state to curb Maoism he mentioned that the government launched the ‘Aapki Sarkar Aapke Dwar’ scheme after underlining the Maoists affected panchayats in the state. Indira Aawaas, school, hospitals and rural roads have been constructed in such areas. This initiative led to a 48 percent decline in Maoist activities in the state. He urged the Police to be sensitive and accountable to the people. He mentioned that after the regulation of the ‘Bihar Right to Act 2011’, public services like the issuing of character certificate and passport has been made quicker and easier.

The CM said, “276-km long border connects Bihar with Nepal. Illegal activities like cross border movement, smuggling, fake currency business and other criminal offences are flourishing on the border areas. Therefore the deployment of armed forces should be beefed up in these areas and roads connecting the borders should be made motorable.”

He also urged the Central government to clear the pending proposals on the border roads and open the integrated checkposts at Jogbani and Raxaul.