The Porsche Boxster Spyder  is a fast car, powered by the same 3.8-litre flat-six engine from the 911 Carrera S and Cayman GT4 that produces 370bhp, and can reach 100kph mark in 4.3 seconds on the way to its top speed of 290kph.

It is supposedly the lightest Boxster ever, outdoing the 2010 Spyder that weighed just 1,275kg. The weight reduction has been an obsession, there is no AC or music system; Porsche will not ask for much extra if you want one, but that is not the point of a light weight, performance-oriented roadster.

 The new Spyder also rides 20mm lower than the standard model and uses brakes from the 911 S, but the most important fact is that it is available only with a manual gearbox.

It looks fantastic with the bodywork sculpted for performance and there is no Boxster badging on the car, which simply says ‘Spyder’ announcing to the fellow Boxster owners and rest of the world that this one is special.