The Dewa Shareef shrine of Haji Waris Ali Shah in Barabanki, hardly an hour's drive from Lucknow, draws the faithful from across many strands of religion.

"The air around the place is liberal and the word intolerance an abomination. Why else would people leave their religious preferences behind and with baskets full of flowers, sweets and colourful shiny chaddars in their hands and wish in their hearts, make a beeline for the shrine of the Sufi saint," says an article 'The Sufi of Dewa' in the latest issue of Equator Line magazine titled 'Liminality of Faith'.

It is said that Shah never asked his followers to shun their own religion and this is the reason why he had a great number of Hindu followers.

The very first foundation of the shrine was laid by Kanhaiya Lal and many more Hindus came forward after that.

Both Hindu and Muslim devotees contributed equally to the monument that it is today. The Ramdevra shrine, about 12 km from Pokhran, is holy to both Hindus and Muslims.

"Ramdevra, the final resting place of Baba Ramdev, or Ramsha Pir as he is called by Muslims, is probably the only temple in the country with an intriguing assortment of devotees," says another article 'A Syncretic Oasis in Pokhran'.


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