Abir, who enacts a 40-something man in 'Jodi Love Dile Na Prane' opposite 'Meghe Dhaka Tara' female protagonist Ananya Chatterjee, says, "If you think about Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh and how they are all essaying 'Young At Heart' characters despite the advancing 50 year mark, you will see portraying young and old is just a state of mind."

Abir, who admittedly can't wait any more to hit the shooting floor for the new Feluda thriller by Sandip Ray, said, "The feeling of ageing is synonymous with complacency as you stop thinking of exerting yourself."

"Portraying the character of a person, younger or older than your present age, is not as much difficult if your mind is free of any thoughts about risk," Abir said recalling he essayed both a 20-year and a 40-year old, representing different phases in the person's life, in the Abhijit Guja-Sudneshna Roy flick.

"After 'Meghe Dhaka Tara' (the Ritwik Ghatak biopic) we are again turning up on-screen for the second time but here we are on-screen couples and share more space. And may I say I was hooked to small screen in the early days to see Ananya's performance in popular sops," he said about his co-star.

Abohoman National Award winner Ananya Chatterjee said, "I am again portraying mother after Meghe Dhaka tara where I had three children as the director's wife. Here, in 'Jodi Love Dile Na' I project a character spanning two different time zones."

"And I found portraying a 38-year old easier as I could more relate to that time than an 18-year old which was more like reminiscencing those times I had left behind years back," the National Award winner for Abahoman said.

The film, produced by Greentouch Entertainments, will be released on January 21.


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