Dehradun: Citing no clear picture even after the completion of polling in Uttarakhand and post-poll analysis, possibilities of an ‘animated suspension’ seem to be rising to the fore.

Though the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress are confident of their victory in the assembly polls, a firm conclusion is still out of sight.

With uncertainty looming large on the poll results, absence of a clear mandate in the state assembly may lead to delay in the formation of the government. This may ultimately give way to an ‘animated suspension’ during the commencement of the third elected legislative assembly.

The term refers to suspension of the newly elected assembly for some time during the delay in the formation of the government in absence of a clear majority of any party. After the formation of the assembly, the governor holds the right to give some time to the political parties for forming the government and suspend the assembly for the time being.

However, in case of Uttarakhand, it is mandatory to form the government by March 12.

Adding to the trouble, the situation will be clear only after the completion of counting of votes on March 6. But if the BJP or the Congress or any other party fails to acquire majority of 36 seats, formation of a coalition and getting the support of the legislators can be a time-taking task. Therefore the said situation can arise resulting from the delay.

According to retired Chief Secretary of the Uttarakhand assembly, Mahesh Chandra, “If any party fails to acquire the required mandate, such a situation can arise. A similar situation had occurred in Uttar Pradesh during which all powers rest with the governor’s office”.