It also sought to project Nitish Kumar, who led his party to a third straight assembly election victory, as a national alternative to PM Modi, saying he got better of the Prime Minister in a personality contest in Bihar and has the ability to lead a national front against him too.
Bihar JD(U) chief Bashistha Narain Singh, however, added that it was up to all parties involved to take a call on the leadership of such a front while insisting that Kumar had the image and ability to do so.
"Making Bihar as an example, all parties should agree to a common minimum programme to corner the government in Parliament. If the BJP's agenda is communal, then it is not good for the country. The signal that has gone out of Bihar is good. All regional parties are happy.
"Like the non-Congress politics practised in the country earlier, the non-BJP politics has begun from Bihar. The state had destroyed what was being referred to as the charismatic image of Modi. Two faces were visible in state; that of Modi and Kumar. Bihar has put its stamp on Kumar in this clash of personality, ideology and work," he said

Signalling trouble for the treasury benches during the winter session of Parliament, the Rajya Sabha MP downplayed his party's support to the GST Bill, and said a decision on its stand will be taken after consultation with different parties.

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