New Delhi: Encouraged by a Delhi court's dismissal of a plea to make Home Minister P Chidambaram a co- accused in 2G spectrum case, Congress today questioned BJP's credentials to fight corruption by focussing on its induction of "corrupt discards of BSP" in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh.

The party mouthpiece "Congress Sandesh" released on Saturday also attacked BJP for its role on the Lokpal bill issue.

"The public posture of the main Opposition party and its acts are always in contradiction...while they were sharing the podium with the representatives of the civil society group at the Jantar Mantar and BJP leadership made tall claims of bringing votaries of a strong Lokpal bill,...they did everything to ensure that the bill does not get cleared" in
the Parliament, the editorial said.

Referring to recent induction of tainted former BSP minister Babu Singh Kushwaha (without naming him) into the BJP, the Congress journal said "all their averments in support of anti-corruption issues have been belied by the manner in which induction of the corrupt discards of BSP has occurred into BJP in Uttar Pradesh."

Alleging that BJP has become a "multi-faced" party, the editorial said that its acts in Uttar Pradesh as well as Karnataka and other states ruled by the party, where they are led by "leaders accused of corruption exposed" BJP's position on fighting graft.

"A party, which wants to become a safe haven for the corrupt cannot afford to encourage institutions such as the Lokpal," the journal said.

The party mouthpiece also expressed confidence that it is to set to regain its glory by a "much better performance" in all five states where assembly polls were either held or are going to be held.

Noting that the policy of Rahul Gandhi to go from one place to another to meet people is a very welcome move, it said Congress is confident of a "phenomenal" success in Uttar Pradesh while there is an "upsurge" in favour of Congress in Punjab and Uttarakhand.