Hissar: If you are awaiting an important interview letter or a bank notification, chances are that you shall need to cover the distance to your nearest scrap dealer for that reason being the recent reported cases of recovery of important posts from scrap dealers in Haryana.

In the Head Post Office of Hissar district in Haryana, letters are finding their way into the godwons of scrap dealers instead of their correct places where they need to be posted. This matter got highlighted when a postman took a bag full of letters to sell in the market and even earned Rs 88 for letters weighing eleven and half kilos.

But when the shopkeeper came to know that the bag he bought was full of letters he refused to keep it with him and cancelled the deal. However, he later gave the address of another shopkeeper to the postman.

The letters which were treated as rags and were sold consisted of life insurances, domestic letters, letters related to different offices and other important documents. 

Madanlal, the shopkeeper said, “The seller never revealed information about himself. He used to sell the rags to some other shops, but as he gets a benefit of 50 paisa per kilo he started coming to my shop. He used to sell the letters to three more shops. Till date we never knew that the letters were illegally sold. No one told us about this.”

Head post master of the main post office here said, “The issue of letters being sold as rags is a very serious one.”

More shockingly, the post offices try to meet all the requirements of the postmen but they fail to deliver the services.
At a time when the various postal branches are celebrating the golden Jubilee of the Indian Postal Department, such dismal condition of the postal system defeats the whole celebration process.

(JPN/ Bureau)