"Clearly, what was envisioned is the deepening of the Indo-US strategic partnership where India would be drawn deeper as a strategic subordinate ally in implementing the US global vision," CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury said here.

In this context, he quoted the India-US vision statement that the two nations would "together seek a reliable and enduring friendship that bolsters security and stability, contributes to the global economy, and advances peace and prosperity for our citizens and throughout the world".

In an editorial in the CPI(M) organ 'People's Democracy', Yechury said, "By this visit and its outcome, the danger is of India cementing itself as a subordinate strategic ally of US designs for a uni-polar world under its hegemony. In India's interests, this drift to disaster must not be allowed."

Noting that Indo-US defence cooperation was slated to increase further with the government approving purchase of US attack and heavy lift helicopters, he said, "US has thus become India's largest supplier of arms in the past five years, overtaking Russia."

"India is also the largest purchaser of Israeli armaments amongst all countries in the world, thus, the largest financier of Israeli military attacks on the Palestinians!!"

Observing that the outcome of Modi's visit "does not auger well for India's independent foreign policy which marked its special place in international relations and amongst the comity of nations in the world," he said, adding, "it is not in India's interests to sacrifice good neighbourly relations to advance US strategic interests."

India's independent relations with all the world nations "are an important element in the creation of a world of multi- polarity following the end of the bipolar Cold War era".

Referring to Modi's upcoming address to the nation on October 3, Yechury said though the "official propaganda" was that this was on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, "recollect that RSS, since its foundation, always hoisted the saffron flag on Vijaya Dashami accompanied by the ritual of the RSS Sarsanghchalak addressing the Swayamsevaks annually".

"Is PM Modi seeking also simultaneously to don the mantle of the RSS chief and, thus, remove the hairline distinction between RSS and BJP - the latter functioning as the political arm of the former," asked the CPI(M) leader.

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