New Delhi: With the killing of top Maoist leader Kishanji, the morale of security forces might have spiraled up, who have savoured successes in launching various operations against the red-terrors. In the past five years, the top leaderships of the Naxal outfit have been eroded either by being eliminating or arrested by the security forces.

Notably, politbureau is the apex body of the Naxal organization which is responsible for all the important decisions.
About five years ago, a 15-member politburo, Naxal’s apex body which takes all important decisions and 22-member central committee of Naxal were formed.

During the course of time, eight of the politburo and 11 members of the central committee were killed by law enforcement agency, leaving behind the vacant posts in the organization.

Kishanji, a politburo member, was killed on Thursday in an encounter, while Azad, a member of the central committee, was killed in Andhra Pradeshlast a year ago.

In addition, police have also got success in arresting nine members of the central committee, including Motilal Soren, Vishnu, Srikanth, Soba, Jhantu Mukherjee, Vijay Kumar Arya, Mithilesh Mehta, and Dr Pradeep Singla.

Besides, in February 2008 Lanka Papi Reddy had surrendered to security forces and seven politburo members of politburo, Pramod Mishra, Akhilesh Yadav, Amitabh Bagchi, Bachcha Prasad Singh, Narayan Sanyal and Sushil Roy were arrested in the past five years.

However, top Maoist leader Ganapathi is still out of police net. Ganapathi with other leaders are hidden in the jungles of Abujmadh, Chhattisgarh, a senior official said.

(JPN/ Bureau)