Chandigarh: Haryana government’s Rs 1600 crore gift of electricity bill exemption to farmers has failed to awake their consciousness, rather it has added to their greed. The figures of Haryana Power Generation Corporation reveal a huge outstanding of Rs 3500 crore electricity bill causing huge loss to the state exchequer.

The defaulters, mainly from northern Haryana, are least bothered that the outstanding interest to be paid is compounding at the rate of 18 percent hoping another huge exemption from the state government.

Facts reveal that while the outstanding bill under Northern Haryana Power Corporation is Rs1800 crore, the outstanding amount of Southern Haryana amounts to Rs 1700 crore.

Interestingly, while the Corporations find it difficult to recover the outstanding amounts from people residing in rural parts, they find it easier to extract the amount from families in urban parts of the state. The political influence in rural parts slows down the recovery process.

While Rs 72 crore 80 lakh is due to the Northern Corporation by several government departments, the Southern Corporation is yet to receive Rs 72 crore from the same.

Out of the total outstanding bill of Rs 3,500 crore, domestic users are liable to pay an amount of Rs 2,500 crore. Out of this, Rs 2000 crore is the total usage cost to be recovered from rural domestic users. Industries owe approximately Rs 300 crore of the total outstanding bills.

Around 2, 60,000 connections of the defaulters have been cut by the Northern Haryana Corporation. And out of this, 25 percent were later provided with a new connection.

Power Minister Mahendra Pratap Singh said, “A special team has been formed to recover the outstanding amount from the defaulters and to conduct proceedings against illegal electricity connections. The work is in progress.”

(JPN/ Bureau)