According to power officials, the situation is likely to worsen in coming days. The Anpara power station which produced 81 percent of electricity in 2009-10 now produces only 57 percent and the situation is no different in power units like Obra-A, Obra-B and Panki in Kanpur.

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) Officials said that the creation of the new state Telangana has created hurdles for purchasing power.

The officials said after the division, most of the power units have gone to Andhra Pradesh as a result Telangana, to meet its power supply, especially in the agriculture sector, was bidding high in the energy exchange.

While Uttar Pradesh generally bids around Rs.5-6 per unit to meet its shortfall, Telangana bid a high of more than Rs.8 Tuesday, making other states including Uttar Pradesh beat a hasty retreat.

Maharashtra too was purchasing electricity at higher rates thus adding to the power woes of Uttar Pradesh, an official said.

Industries are by and large being kept off the power cut loop but load shedding is taking place in some industrial zones, officials said. The daily demand of power in the state stands at about 13,000 mw per day but the  availability is around 10,500 mw, increasing the demand-supply gap.