Besides, the officials have claimed that all affected lines will be fixed by June 16. Equipments are being imported from China to restore Shalimar Bagh Wazirpur damaged line.

However, a little bit of downpour along with winds in the past two days reduced the consumption of power.
The officials further assured that breakdown in 220 KV Shalimar Bagh Delhi, Wazirpur line, Bawana - Rohini line, Mandola-Gopalpur line and Maharani Bagh - Ghazipur line will be restored by June 16.

Besides, Bamnoli-Pappankala line will be repaired by June 17. Also, the Maharani Bagh-trauma center line will be repaired by June 30. The work is going on round the clock.

The equipments to repair the Shalimar Bagh Wazirpur, ordered from China, reached the site on Thursday night.

Two teams are working to restore the damages and the work to replace two damaged towers in Bawana-Rohini line began on 11 June.
The work to replace damaged tower in Mandola-Gopalpur line has also started on Friday. 35 percent of work has been completed in Maharani Bagh - Ghazipur line.

Six powers have damaged in Bamnoli-Pappankala line out of which four are completely damaged.

The work to repair these damages is in progress. The damaged portion of Maharani Bagh trauma centre line is removed. Badarpur-Noida-Ghazipur line is also being built. The new cable is designed for the damaged part.

Dust-storm on 30th May broke down several transmission lines of Delhi Transco Limited.


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