New Delhi: With only few days left for the high-level Shunglu Committee report on power sector to unveiled, the industrial sector has started to lobby, citing financial problems faced by power distribution companies.

On Sunday major industry chamber FICCI and international agency ICF, released a report on the future prospects of power sector in India. According to the report, power distribution companies should get the rights to amend tariffs each year for comprehensive improvement in the power sector.

With the demand to improve the poor financial condition of the power distribution sector, the report laid thrust on bringing the practices of giving subsidies to halt.
Interestingly, the report is type of an ultimatum to the Union Government to implement new changes in the power sector policies. As per the reports, if no timely action is taken,  the mismatch between power tariffs and cost of generating electricity will continue in the next 12th year plan.

Ironically, due to political reasons, the different state governments have failed to form consensus over the hike in power tariff. While the ruling parties are trying to evade from the issue, the power companies are constantly demanding to fill the gap between power tariffs and cost of generating electricity.

Moreover, the report threw light on the fuel crises faced by power companies to run the machines. Owing to the unavailability of coal and gas, the projects for generating 24,000 megawatt of electricity have taken a backseat.