"AAP is power greedy and made a secret understanding with Congress to come to power before resigning as it did not have the capacity to run the government," Delhi BJP chief
Harsh Vardhan said on Wednesday.
Adding that AAP had no moral right to accuse BJP of trying to come to power through manipulation, Vardhan said, "Had BJP wanted, it could have formed the government when the Lt Governor on December 12 invited it to do so. But BJP at the time made it clear that it is four members short of a majority and hence would like to sit in the opposition.”
"After that, on December 14, the LG invited Kejriwal to form the government. Power greedy Kejriwal entered into a secret understanding with Congress to form the government and played a drama of taking the views of the people before going ahead to (form the government) on the strength of 28 MLAs," he said.
Referring to the former AAP government's decision to grant a waiver to those who had supported a campaign by the party, Vardhan said, "The AAP government had granted a waiver to 24,000 people instead of halving the power tariff for all. Was that not unfair to the honest power consumers who pay their bills regularly?"


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