New Delhi: Delhiites will now have to pay more for using power in the peak hours. According to a new project of the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) two different rates will be charged for power consumption, a higher tariff for peak hours and lower charges for non–peak hours.

On the demand of power distribution companies, the DERC has finally started formulating the policies in this regard.

The power distribution companies or Discoms have been arguing that they purchase power on higher rates from the power producing companies and therefore, consumers should be charged more for power usage during the peak hours.

DERC Chairman P D Sudhakar said, “Different charges could be fixed for power usages during peak hours. Discoms would install special kind of meters that will keep a record of the power consumption at different times during the day. Also, ‘peak hours’ will be fixed. Presently, 6:00pm to 10:00 pm is considered to be the peak hour.”

An NGO working in the area of power reported that it would be difficult to issue two different bills to the consumers by the NDMC as it does not have TOD meters that can generate two seperate bills.