According to the sources, two of the four power generation units of the project have not been put to use for past one month due to the acute shortage of water in Kolab reservoir.

Officials informed that Kolab project, which can generate at least 320 MW power a day, produces only 60 MW due to shortage of water in the reservoir.

Assistant General Manager of OHPC (Bariniput), Siba Prasad Panda said, "The water level in Kolab reservoir is 156 metre while it can store up to 858 metre. After releasing 30 cusecs of water for irrigation, we are able to produce only 60 MW of power a day."

"In the last fortnight, we have used all four units only on few occasions in the evening and produced maximum of 240 MW of power a day, which is not sufficient," Panda said.

The district is witnessing undeclared power cuts ranging from two to three hours in urban areas and five to seven hours in rural areas.

Similarly, officials at Balimela hydro project, which is a joint venture of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh government, said 95 MW of power is being produced a day as against its total capacity of 120 MW.

"Half of the total power produced at Balimela project goes to Andhra Pradesh. So, Odisha gets around 50 MW of power which is not sufficient," officials said.

Official sources said the state needs 3,500 MW of power a day. At present, it gets only 2,700 MW from various sources, including its six hydro projects.


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