New Delhi: Fast-growing Indian power sector is projected to create more than four lakh jobs to achieve a capacity addition of over 94000 MW in 12th Five-Year Plan ending March 2017.

The investment in the sector during the same period is is pegged at Rs 13.72 lakh crore, according to the Power Ministry.

"For a capacity addition of 94,215 MW (including renewable) in the 12th Plan, the additional manpower requirement shall be of the order of 407.67 thousands (4,07,670)...," the Power Ministry's Working Group on 12th Plan has said in its report.

Out of 4.07 lakh new workforce, over 3.12 lakh would be technical people and remaining would be non-technical workers.

During the 2012-17 periods, the country is anticipated to see a capacity addition of over 75,000 MW, excluding renewable energy sources.

As per the report, the total manpower by the end of 12th Plan shall be over 14.25 lakh people, with technical personnel accounting for 76 percent of the overall workforce.

The power sector would require an investment of more than Rs 13,72,580 crore, including Rs 1,35,100 crore for renewable energy projects, the Working Group noted.

In the 12th Plan, the country is expected to see a capacity addition of 63,781 MW from thermal sources – coal and gas -- while hydro projects are projected to account for over 9,200 MW.

Nuclear and renewable energy are anticipated to make up for 2,800 MW and over 18,000 MW, respectively, during the same period.

The estimate of additional generating capacity during the 12th Plan period is based on assumption that capacity addition in the current Plan, ending March 2012, would be 62,374 MW.

However, delays in project implementation mainly on account of coal shortages and environmental hurdles are likely to result in lesser capacity addition than envisaged.

Noting that coal-based generation is likely to be the mainstay for power sector, the Working Group has said that "Availability of coal for the coal based thermal power stations is a matter of serious concern".

"The estimated coal requirement is 842 MT (Million Tonnes) at the end of 12th Plan and 1,040 MT at the end of 13th Plan," it added.

For the 13th Five-Year Plan (2017-22), the Power Ministry expects a capacity addition of 1,23,900 MW, that includes renewables.

To achieve the same, the "Additional manpower requirement shall be of the order of 547.78 thousands (5,47,780)... The total manpower by the end of 13th Plan shall be 1795.34 thousands ((17,95,340)," the report said.