TV footage showed stores with floors strewn with a mess of broken bottles, jars and other spilled merchandise. It was the sixth most powerful quake in the history of geologically volatile Chile and the strongest anywhere in the world this year, Deputy Interior Minister Mahmoud Aleuy said.
The death toll of eight was given by Interior Minister Jorge Burgos. Strong aftershocks followed the first quake, and a tsunami alert was imposed for hours for the Chilean coast. But it was lifted before dawn today. Many people were evacuated to higher ground.
Tsunami warnings were issued in New Zealand and other countries in the Pacific. In Chile, more than 135,000 families were left without power in the north-central coast area, the National Emergency Office reported, lowering an early figure. Central Choapa province, which is closest to the epicentre, was declared a disaster zone and placed under military rule.
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake occurred at 2254 GMT and measured a 8.3 on the so-called moment magnitude scale. It occurred at a shallow depth, 228 kilometres north of Santiago, a city of 6.6 million people.

In pics: Powerful earthquake of 8.3 magnitude shakes Chile



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