New Delhi: Adding to the woes of common man who are already suffering due to the sky-rocketing prices, a rise in the power tariff is expected by this year-end. All the states including Uttar, Pradesh, Haryana and Bihar can face an extra burden due to surge in power tariff.

The move is likely to be taken after the report of Shunglu Committee headed by former CAG VK Shunglu will come in September.

It is assumed that the report will help in setting up a proper structuring of power tariff in states and improve the financial conditions of the power distribution companies.

It is also expected that the report will make it mandatory for the states to revise the power rate every year in accordance with their expenditure. The panel may also recommend the Centre not to give aid to the ailing companies in future.

Following the Shunglu’s guidelines, the Centre can also reduce the exemption limits in subsidies for those companies, which are not following the directives effectively.

According to sources, the recommendations of the Shunglu panel will be immediately implemented, leading to a bounce in the power tariffs.

In order to discuss the issue, a meeting presided over by Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde was convened here on Wednesday.