Islamabad: Pakistan's ruling PPP has rejected the possibility of political chaos or mid-term elections in the country. The ruling party took the decision to disunite its alliance in the politically crucial province of Punjab.

After PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif announced his party's decision to end its coalition with the PPP in Punjab, PPP leaders asserted that their government at the centre would complete its five-year term and continue working for national reconciliation.

Senior PPP leader Raza Rabbani, also the Inter-Provincial Coordination Minister, said on Friday, "There will be no political chaos or mid-term elections in the country. We shall promote politics of dialogue and reconciliation as our country is in need of positive politics in face of internal and external situation."

The PPP will continue to work with all political parties on key issues confronting the country, he said.

The announcement came after the expiry of the deadline set by the PML-N for the federal government to implement a 10-point reforms agenda.

The PML-N chief said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif would dissolve his cabinet, which has seven ministers from the PPP, and form a new one.

However, Farhatullah Babar, the spokesman for Zardari, said the PPP ministers in Punjab will not resign on their own.

"The PPP believes in pursuing reconciliatory politics and its leadership has decided to give an appropriate political response only after the PML-N has actually parted ways with the PPP in the Punjab government," Babar said.