"If India and US have strong strategic economic partnership, it will immensely benefit both the countries...," Prabhu said while addressing a seminar 'India-US 2015: Partnership for Peace and Prosperity' here.

He added he does't think it is possible without peace. It is a paradox but it is a reality. You cannot get big investment in any part of the world if there is no peace. You can make investment only when you have prosperity. You actually have a situation while we need to work on both at the same time,"

He said the growth potential of the economy gets affected without peace in the world. "Therefore, we feel India and US must partner together, to find out how we can promote global peace, regional peace as well as peace in the respective countries." Prabhu cited

The Railway Minister stressed that establishing peace in the region was in the interest of both the countries, "because India and US could become victim of some of the threats that we face today in the world. It does not matter whether US is number one victim or India is number one."

Pitching for the US investment, Prabhu said when a country makes investment in another country, obviously investors want economic return.

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