Mumbai: As part of preparing for her character of a hairstylist in debutant Kapil Sharma’s upcoming film, Prachi Desai sought help from Adhuna Akhtar. The actress felt the celebrity hairstylist’s salon was the best place to learn the mannerisms of the stylists and how they go about with their job.

Says a source, “Prachi has known Adhuna from her early days in Bollywood. She would spend time at her salon understanding the body language of the hairstylists.”

Adds the source, “Clients would think that Prachi is also getting her hair done but in fact she was watching how the stylists would interact with them! She also learnt basic tips about cutting, grooming and styling.” Seeing her enthusiam, Adhuna even made Prachi do a special photoshoot sporting different hairstyles for her salon!


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