New Delhi: Former Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel may once again land into trouble. He is being held responsible for the poor state of Indian Airlines. Sanjeev Arora, the former head of the Indian Airlines, in a letter to the then cabinet secretary B K Chaturvedi in 2005 had complained against Praful Patel accusing him of forcing the AI board to take decisions which caused major financial hiccups for the airlines.

After this disclosure, two Lok Sabha MPs Prabodh Panda of the CPI and Nishikant Dubey of the BJP have demanded an inquiry by the CVC into the allegations made by Sanjeev Arora.

Patel is accused of not encouraging Indian Airlines to fly on profitable routes and rather favouring private airlines.  Arora has also leveled charges against Patel of placing order for more numbers of jet planes than the requirement.

According to Arora all this was done to provide benefit to some of the companies manufacturing jet planes. Decisions were taken before the board meetings and orders were given to the management verbally. This incident has certainly given enough ammo to the opposition to attack the UPA government.


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