During the conference, Javadekar asserted that India is ready to fight the climate change, for which it is also willing to share the technologies invented by United States.   

“For the first time in India, the Environment, Forest Ministry is now Environment, Forest and Climate Change Ministry. So, that added nomenclature gives importance we place in all this climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. So that’s how we look forward because U.S. has also gone through all the phases of development and has developed many technologies which we can share.”

Meanwhile, Stern expressed the earnest desire of US in engaging with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.   

“A new Prime Minister here, Prime Minister Modi who has strong record of engagement on clean energy and climate change, who has already indicated in a number of ways other priorities that he intends to, sign to these issues. So I think that US and India, who have had, I think, a very constructive partnership on these issues in past years, have every paces for looking forward to still more important relationship going forth,” said Stern.

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