New Delhi: Expressing pleasure over the Assembly election results for five states, Congress on Friday chose the occasion to taunt BJP and Left parties asking them to learn the "right lessons" and stop attempts to destabilize the UPA government.

"In this election more than 828 assembly seats went to polls. A national party (BJP), which claims to form government there...could not win seats even in double digit. The other party (CPI-M), which aided, abetted and supported BJP inside and outside Parliament also could do no better," senior party leader Pranab Mukherjee said adding it was reduced to double digit figure in West Bengal.


"For the last one year, efforts were made to destabilise not only the government but destabilismg the entire system was also attempted ... I hope political parties would draw right lessons from the results and behave. In Parliamentary democracy election comes after every five years. Responsible parties are expected to wait for that period," he said.

Mukherjee said if any party, after its defeat in general elections, tries to destabilise the government, it destabilises the system in that process and brings instability as was witnessed from 1996 to 2004.

Mandate for Mamata

The Finance Minister, who is the tallest party leader from West Bengal, admitted that the results of this assembly election giving a sweeping victory to Congress-Trinamool Congress alliance is "mandate for Mamata Banerjee".

"People of Bengal have given verdict clearly in favour of Mamata Banerjee. They have voted for her. It is mandate for Mamata," Mukherjee said.

To a question on whether Congress would take any lesson from Banerjee's victory in West Bengal as his party could not dislodge the CPI-M for decades, Mukherjee replied in the affirmative.


"Of course. From every effort, we have to draw a lesson. We did make attempts but we could not do it," he said, adding that Congress also contributed to the victory of the alliance
this time, where its eight per cent votes in more than 200 constituencies it did not contest, helped Trianmool Congress win many seats.

Result is vote of change in TN

He said the transfer of votes of one alliance partner to the other was very smooth in West
Asked about results in Tamil Nadu, where the party's alliance with DMK was trounced by AIADMK, Mukherjee described it as a "vote of change" which "we accept with humility."

He added that wherever the party has not fared well, "We will try to correct our mistake and become worthy of their trust in future."

To a question on whether the defeat in Tamil Nadu will set a chain of corrective actions in the party, Mukherjee said the party does not wait for elections to carry out course corrections.

Expected more in Kerala

He admitted that the party expected more number of seats from Kerala, a view which was also shared by AICC general secretary in-charge for the state Madhusudan Mistry, who said
he was expecting 80 to 85 seats for the Congress-led front there.

On  Assam results, he said the party has got not only renewed but also increased mandate, which he described as a verdict for stability, development and also for the efforts taken for the reconciliation and bringing the misguided youths of the state into national mainstream.

Mukherjee downplayed the loss of two assembly seats to Congress in Karnataka bye-elections saying these elections are not fought on broad national issues.

"Surely, we will have to examine and draw corrective lessons," he said.