Mumbai: Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Monday appeared to approve the candidature of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee for the President's post, describing him as "better than other UPA ministers".

He, however, maintained that a direct election could have resulted in former president APJ Abdul Kalam once again occupying the top Constitutional post.

"Pranab Mukherjee is a better minister compared to the rest of the ministers in the government. But if the President could be chosen through direct election, then A P J Abdul Kalam could have been elected easily," he said.

Hazare said this in an interview to a Marathi news channel.

"Mukherjee is an efficient minister. He has played an important role in several key decisions. He has been fielded by the UPA. Had it been any other minister, I would not have approved," Hazare added.


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