Gwalior: Raising the need of an effective Ombudsman, Anna Hazare’s close confidant in the Joint Draft Committee of Jan Lokpal Bill and Supreme Court Advocate Prashant Bhusan claimed that the entire country has been awestruck by the rampant corruption which has given birth to mafias who are dominating the democracy.

According to Bhusan, the mafias were using their huge stock of money to lure the government to form policies beneficial to a handful of people. Citing this reason, he stressed on the requirement of an effective Lokpal mechanism.

Bhusan, who was in Gwalior to attend a programme of the Indian Association Lawyers said, “Karnataka, where the government is in the clutches of the ‘Mafiaraaj’, is a living example of what mafias have done to the country. The Bofors scam reported in 1980s involved Rs 64 crore, but whopping amount worth several lakh crores have been embezzled in 2G spectrum, CWG scam and mining scam.” 

Throwing more light on the reasons behind the scams, he said, “Due to the liberalization in the country, the rules are even formulated for the privatization of mines, water and land.” He further questioned, “What is the benefit of the people in these privatization processes, which Prime Minister calls as the GDP or growth rate.”

He asserted, “In the partnership of the private and public enterprises, the natural resources have been exploited and the concept has increased the involvement of mafias in mining, corporate and politics.” 

Bhusan said, “In situations where agencies like CVC, CBI which work under the Centre, have failed to curb corruption, an effective Lokpal will help in the fight for justice.”