Kurukshetra: President Pratibha Devisingh Patil on Wednesday stressed the need for building human resources, saying it is the talent and work of our people that will shape the future trajectory of becoming a good and strong nation.

"We have to focus on building our human resource...it is human beings who set up factories and run them. It is human beings who establish institutions that are engaged in multiple activities, from providing services to undertaking research and scientific activities for the betterment of humanity," she said speaking at the convocation function of Kurukshetra University here.

"Human beings stand at the centre of creative thinking and of ideas, which can bring many changes of head and heart, material and spiritual," she said.

On the occasion, degrees of Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa were conferred on Dr Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Prime Minister of Mauritius and Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

The degrees were conferred by Haryana Governor Jagannath Pahadia, who is also the Kurukshetra University's Vice Chancellor.

The President awarded gold medals to the toppers of different departments. Degrees to 181 PhD Scholars, number of M Phil and Post Graduates were also awarded.

Patil said that she was happy to note that all the eleven gold medalists honoured on Wednesday were girls. She called upon the boys to work hard as boys and girls are the two wheels of chariot and both wheels have to be sturdy.

Patil said the energy of the youth and their enthusiasm must be guided into constructive and productive work.

"...so good education facilities and good quality education, from primary to high education levels must receive great attention," she said.

Touching upon the roles which universities can play, she said as a nation-building programme can leave no part of the nation untouched, education must cover a wide range of disciplines and fields.

She said that education should be a process that makes an individual complete in all respects.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, she said, a nation needs, "strong souls, strong brains, strong arms".

Patil further said that it is for this reason that she has continuously spoken about the importance of exchanges between students and educational institutions, as a way to build deeper co-operation between countries.

"Education should also help in developing respect towards nature. We have a responsibility to preserve the planet for future generations. Towards this end, our youth needs to be made responsible and responsive to environment."

As teachers play a key role in shaping future of our students, the President said the faculty of a university which is its lifeblood, like a good friend should always advice and guide their students, on how best to face challenges that confront the world.

Earlier, the President began her convocation address by expressing her satisfaction that Kurukshetra had become home to many institutions of higher education, including Kurukshetra University.