"We are stunned and shocked to hear about the unnecessary mention of temples by Narendra Modi in a statement wherein he was talking about the need for better sanitation facilities in the country," he said.

Toilets first, temples later: Modi

"We too believe in the need for better hygiene. But the way temples were dragged in the matter was uncalled for.  It is nothing short of an insult to the Hindu society," Togadia said.

Jairam Ramesh attacks Modi over toilet remark

"A similar statement was made by Congress leader Jairam Ramesh which had drawn strong condemnation from the BJP.

"We expect the BJP to once again rise to the occasion and condemn the statement made by its own prime ministerial candidate," Togadia added.

Modi had said, “I am known to be a Hindutva leader. My image does not permit to say so, but I dare to say. My real thought is-- Pehle shauchalaya, phir devalaya' (temple first, toilet later).”


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