New Delhi: Bollywood’s feisty girl Preity Zinta was shattered when she knew about the brutal rape with a minor girl in Delhi, which has sparked widespread protest all around. Speaking about the incident, she expressed her grief on social networking sites saying that rape is a domestic terrorism. It is a form of terrorism which is destroying the whole country. The actress also wrote that the ruthless rapists are like terrorists to the girls.

“We Indians react to such incidences for a very short period of time as we forget them very soon. When an incident occurs, we react to them, create jams to protest and raise our voice but at the same time we are prone to forget them soon. This (crime against women) is also a form of terrorism, it is domestic terrorism and these culprits unleash terror on women," she said.

In addition, Preity also shared that it’s neither government nor Police who can be held entirely responsible for growing number of such cases in the country.

"Most of the time we blame the police for taking no action. But that's not true. Actually some responsibilities also lie with us. We are required to be aware," she adds.


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