Stress during pregnancy is said to alter the development of baby. Besides, stress among expecting mother, due to socio-economic or psycho-social reason can lead to obesity-related problems in babies.

For a healthy delivery, the mothers-to-be should not only concentrate on good diet but should also indulge into the relaxation-inducing practice with some work out throughout their pregnancy journey.

Starting a yoga practice during pregnancy can be a great way to bond with your baby. Scroll through the tips below for the health benefits of prenatal yoga for expecting mothers.

Keeps you in shape

Yoga helps burn calories as it builds strength and flexibility in expecting mothers. The mothers-to-be can choose classes of varying intensities, from slower to vigorous and more meditative, depending on their needs.

Keeps a check on stress levels

Most important thing to keep check on during pregnancy is low stress. Yoga focuses on breathing which in turn makes you more patient, thus keeping check on stress levels.

Prepares expecting mothers for labor

Yoga prepares pregnant women for labor by facilitating deep breathing and building strength and stamina.

Helps you tune into your body's needs

Yoga helps expectant mothers find time for self-care and stay in tune with their bodies' needs and bond with their babies. Find a prenatal teacher that you feel comfortable with and try poses using video tutorials in home.

Keeps mother and baby healthy

Doing yoga for one hour and three times a week help in decreasing health problems like back pain, nausea, prenatal depression and improved sleep during pregnancy. Pregnant women, who practice yoga were less likely to have low birth weight babies, pregnancy-related diabetes and high blood pressure.