It is a welcome step of the Central government for its resolute assurance to bring about electoral reforms, though it might have been formulated under pressure. According to Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid, the proposal prepared by his Ministry includes some important issues like barring candidates against whom charges have been framed in cases of heinous crime, limiting state funding of elections, exercising Right to Recall, changes in anti-defection law and audit for accounts of political parties. The Minister has assured to call on all-party-meeting to form a consensus on electoral reforms at the earliest. Like the reforms in other sectors, the consensus of political parties on the electoral reforms is prerequisite. Albeit, it cannot overlooked, if the ruling party fails to exhibit a strong political willpower, then forming a consensus or moving ahead with the reform process may prove to be a herculean task. However, people cannot remain content with mere assurance of the Union government on its efforts to form a consensus. Besides, it is obvious that an average political party does not find itself palpable with the proposed electoral reforms. They are quick to come up with edifications to develop a conducive environment in the political and electoral process, but on the contrary, when it comes to the formation of a consensus such political outfits are the first ones to raise objections. It would be better, if the ruling alliance serves a strong message to the Opposition parties that adopting a sluggish approach to such important issue is not a right move. Political parties will derive the maximum benefit from a transparent and corruption free electoral process. It is not possible to believe that the Men-in-Khadi are not aware of their fast deteriorating public image. Eventually, the masses have started to believe that the politicians have deliberately turned a blind eye to the electoral reforms as they want to continue to call the shots in future also. It has become necessary for the politicians to disapprove the conceived impression of massive about them.

For the Centre, it is now important to further expand the range of electoral reforms and bring forth a proper proposal for the regulation of political alliance. It is even more required as politics of alliance is likely to rule the roost for the coming years. Undoubtedly, none can better understand the type of compromises made under the guise of alliance than the political parties themselves. Many times, alliance is used as a tool to blackmail the allies. Even the Congress has admitted that former Telecom Minister A Raja worked as per his whims because it was not possible to check his activities due to political alliance. With its public image getting tarnished in the A Raja episode, the Congress has to realize the importance of regulation to be made not only for post poll but also for pre-poll alliance. By going for a post poll alliance, parties are not only promoting unethical politics but also deceiving the voters. In addition to the formation of the rules for political alliance, it is imperative to find a way to conduct Lok Sabha and assembly elections simultaneously.  This initiative will significantly benefit the political parties as well as the nation.