Co-hosting his monthly 'Mann ki Baat' radio programme with Obama, Modi, striking an emotional chord, said Obama's "life is in itself an inspiration. The way he has brought up his two daughters, the way he is proud of his two daughters."
Responding to a question, Modi said there is a lot of worry because of the sex ratio in India. For every 1000 boys, the number of girls is less. He said the main reason for this is there is a "defect in our attitudes" towards boys and girls.
The PM said he has met many families in the country who have only daughters. They bring up their daughters with such pride, give them such respect, that is the biggest inspiration.
"I believe that inspiration is our strength. And in response to your question, I would like to say, to save the girl child, to educate the girl child, this is our social duty, cultural duty, and humanitarian responsibility. We should honour it," Modi said.
A questioner asked Obama how he will narrate to his daughters about his experience in India and whether he has done some shopping for them.
To this, the US President said that his daughters wanted to come but were held back by their studies.
"They are fascinated by the culture and the history of India...I think, they are deeply moved by India’s movement to Independence and the role that Gandhi played, in not only the non-violent strategies here in India but how those ended up influencing the non-violent civil rights movement in the United States," he said.
He said while it may not be possible during his Presidency to bring them to India and he would like to visit the country with them after he demits office.
"And I will definitely do some shopping for them...I'll get some advice from Michelle because she probably has a better sense of what they would like," he said.
At this, Modi said whether Obama comes as President, or thereafter, India looks forward to welcoming him and his daughters.
At the outset, Modi also explained the meaning of the word 'Obama'. He said in Swahili language, spoken in parts of Africa, Barack means one who is blessed. "I believe, along with a name, his family gave him a big gift," he said.

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