New Delhi: In the aftermath of the debacle in the recently concluded assembly elections and Congress which has having a tough time with its allies, will once again have to undergo a litmus test during coming Presidential polls which is due in July. As the Congress Party doesn’t enjoy majority in the Rajya Sabha, it would like to field a candidate of its liking for the post of next Vice President.

Meanwhile, the BJP would also like to capitalize on the pressure created on the Congress Party by smaller parties like- Trinamool Congress, DMK, SP, BSP and the Left parties. 

The tenure of the President and Vice President will end this year in July and August respectively. Significantly, the UPA and the NDA had been engaged in a slugfest during last Presidential polls. Moreover, the Congress has already felt the significance of the role of the Vice President as the Rajya Sabha Chairman. Given the reality, the Congress Party is bound to make all possible efforts to get its nominee elected for the post of Vice President and for this purpose, it will have to take many smaller parties like, SP, Left Front, BSP and BJD along with its allies on board.
It is noteworthy that at present, the ruling UPA has a share of 40 percent of the total votes pertaining to the election of the President which was 57 percent last time in 2007. Main opposition NDA has 30 percent vote share. In this situation, the role of smaller parties has become very significant.

Political experts are of the view that in order to reach a consensus for the post of the President in favour of its candidate, the ruling alliance could agree to a formula of give and take with the Opposition in exchange for Vice President’s post. But even this will also not be so easier for the ruling party. It will be hard for the Congress to pursue the formula to ensure the victory of its candidate in the Presidential election by giving the post of Vice President (Rajya Sabha chairman) to the Opposition because the ruling party would see it vital to retain the post of Rajya Sabha Chairman as it has to get many of its bills passed in the Upper House where it lacks majority. 

It is to be noted that the Congress is already facing a tough time in the Rajya Sabha.