Karachi: Former Pakistan skipper, Ramiz Raja feels Team India will be under immense pressure in the World Cup semifinal against Pakistan in Mohali on Wednesday and is hopeful Shahid Afridid and his men will put up a spirited show.

"It is very difficult to convince me on something. But, as far as this Pakistan team is concerned, I am totally convinced that even if it loses the semifinal it will not do so without putting a big fight," Ramiz said.

He said that while everyone is under the impression that the crowd pressure in Mohali would affect the performance of the Pakistani players, but he differs.
"The way I look at it the pressure will be bigger on the Indian players because they are playing in front of their home crowd. The expectations are high from them, so they have to deliver," he said.

Ramiz confessed that on paper India appeared to have more resources, but believed that either Pakistan's bowlers or India's batsmen will decide the fate of the high-voltage semifinal.

"One thing I am convinced about is that I have not seen a more well gelled, motivated and united Pakistan outfit and the credit goes to Shahid Afridi who has led the side well and turned them into a 15-member unit instead of a 11-member playing eleven."

Ramiz said the spirit in the Pakistan dressing room was the driving force and would serve them well in the semifinal.

"When the odds are stacked against you it is usual for all 15 players of a touring side to stick together and be motivated to perform above themselves," he said.